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Yummy Etsy Find

I love buying things for myself that are small/inexpensive and therefore don't come with the guilt. Yesterday I treated myself to three lip butters from Etsy seller Soapopotomus. They arrived already (very fast shipping). And I am in love! I am usually addicted to my Burt's Bees, but I may be switching permanently to these. They are so silky and light. The flavors I got were the Worm, Itailian Sausage, and Harlot. I think the Worm is my favorite so far, but they are all yummy. I would recommend checking them out and at only $3 a piece and $1.20 flat shipping, it's not much more than you would pay for lip balm at the store.


OWOH Winner.

Sadly the OWOH event has come to an end. But now we get to announce winners!
The winner of my giveaway is Ellen from Shimmer & Tulle and the Etsy shop About A Bride. Ellen's blog is absolutely lovely. I loved reading her Valentine's day love story.
Congratulations Ellen!

Birthday Wish List

So it always happens around gift giving holidays, that I completely forget about all of the great things that I really want. So since my birthday is coming up in a little over a month, I am starting to make a record of some of the things on my wish list.

First up are these adorable peep toe heels from Forever21

Next is this very versatile sash from American Apparel

Next up is this cuff wallet that allows you to go out without having to carry a purse. How fabulous is that?! This cuff is from Etsy seller ToviCorrie.
Ok, I better get back to my homework that is due in an hour.

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