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Quilt for my mother-in-law

As a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law I made her this quilt. I used this <a href=""> free pattern </a> and fabrics from my stash in her favorite colors.

The quilt top came together quickly but the quilting gave me a pretty hard time. I started quilting with a dark purple thread. I realized about halfway through that it was just too dark and heavy for the quilt.  It took way more hours to tear out all of the stitches than I thought it would.

Then I went to a LQS and got a lighter purple 40 wt thread that I thought would be good as it wouldnt "weigh down" the quilt so much. It looked great but the combination of the quilt/my machine/the thread just did not work. The thread kept breaking every few inches. I finally settled on a light purple Coats cotton thread and was able to get this quilted in time for Christmas.

Because of all of the lost time I had to do the binding by machine, although I really wish I would've had time to do it by hand.

Finished quilts of 2011

Well the year is wrapped up and here is a quick post to show all of the quilts I finished this past year.

I haven't even shared all of these quilts here yet.  Thats a goal for 2012: to be a better blogger and be more involved in the online quilting community.

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