(P)Leather Sequin Project

So I finished my first leather sequin project. Ok, it's really pleather, work with what I'm given.
It's a necklace in case it wasn't obvious from the picture. I am absolutely in love with the way this turned out. So much so that I stayed up till 4 in the morning cutting out even more circles so I could make myself a shirt. Picked up a black Hanes women's fitted shirt at AC Moore today with my 40% off coupon. I will post pictures as it progresses.

I'm going to go ahead and plug the blog where I found this idea again. I have spent way too much time looking at Outsapop and finding so much inspiration.

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  1. Pennies. I ended up tracing a penny on the back of the material and then just cutting them out with scissors. They aren't perfect, but they're good enough that you can't tell when they are sewn together.

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